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Culturing Interspecific Hybrids

Recently Chuck Leslie and his crew at the Walnut Improvement Program modified the method for extracting interspecific walnut embryos for culture to improve its success and efficiency. Earlier work extracting the embryos of interspecific hybrids had been challenging, requiring a team of two to extract embryos. In addition to the modified extraction method, modifications were also made to the disinfestation process, such as rinsing the fruit in a soapy solution prior to immersion in a bleach solution. Embryos are also transferred every 24 hours due to phenolic exchange with the media.

Tennessee and Missouri activities

Scott Schlarbaum at the University of Tennessee Dept. of Forestry and Mark Coggeshall at the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry provided the following updates on their activities. The photos highlight collaborative efforts that have been carried out in Tennessee.

We have a number of black walnut and butternuts planted in the field, ready for grafting.

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