Tennessee and Missouri activities

Scott Schlarbaum at the University of Tennessee Dept. of Forestry and Mark Coggeshall at the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry provided the following updates on their activities. The photos highlight collaborative efforts that have been carried out in Tennessee.

We have a number of black walnut and butternuts planted in the field, ready for grafting.

2_Field_Row_of_Rootstock_crop_1.jpg  3_Field_Grafting_small_0.jpg  4_Field_Grafting_II_small_0.jpg

We have a large on-going germination effort of black walnut and white walnut (butternut) open-pollinated genetic families. We constructed soil beds in a greenhouse and planted the genetic families. The black walnuts were from collections in different TN counties and from trees that had TCD to varying degrees. The butternuts are from central Tennessee and southwestern Virginia. We are transplanting them for eventual TCD screening to detect resistance. Pedigree will be maintained throughout all procedures.

5_All_beds_crop_0.jpg  6_Germinated_Black_Walnuts_II_small_0.jpg  7_Germinated_Buttenuts_II_small_0.jpg 

The seedlings in these raised beds will be grafted in 2015 and eventually screened. Mark procured the seedlings from Forrest Keeling Nursery, which has some of the best containerized seedlings in the world with strong, fibrous rootsystems. Grafts on these rootstocks will grow fastly.


This year we lifted 1-0 seedlings from various mother trees, diseased and non-diseased. The seedlings will be containerized and field planted for eventual screening.


Mark Coggeshall (Missouri) sent us two shipments of grafted black walnut cultivars for screening. The photo is some of the grafts. We work together on all aspects of this project.